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Electric Vibration Heated Eye Massager Eye Wrinkle Massage Pen

Electric Vibration Heated Eye Massager Eye Wrinkle Massage Pen

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This electronic eye massager pen is designed with one bottom button mechanism for easy operation, press it once to turn it on and enter the blue light mode, press the second time to change into the red light mode, press the third time to turn it off, no more hassle.
*galvanic eye ionic wand adopts advanced micro-current technology with two-mode to massage.
*anti-age eye facial massager can vibrate 8000-10000 times/minutes with blue/red light, relax your muscle, promote your blood circulation.
*Magnetic Heating up at 45℃ to Wake up Your Skin, More Comfortable.
*Micro Current to Stimulate Deep Layer of Your Skin, Rejuvenate Your Skin, Keep Vibrant.
*Promote Absorption of Skin Care Product than Using Finger.
*Min Size, Easy to Carry, Delicate Appearance, More Fashionable.

how to use :
1 Press the bottom button once to turn it on, it will be auto enter into the first vibration mode with blue light.
2 Press the bottom button for the second time, it will auto enter into the second mode with red light, and the massage head will be heated up to 45℃ in seconds, and it will take a while to cool the head after you end the second mode.
3 Press the bottom button for the third time, you will turn the eye massager off.
4 When using it, pls make sure your finger touches the sensor bar and the massage head touches your skin to form circulation.

Color: pink, white
Working voltage: 3.2V
Power: 1.7W
Battery capacity: 3.2V320mAh
Charging time: about 2h
Body size: 144*21*20mm
Base size: 41*35.5*48mm

Package Content:
1 x Massage Pen 

Remarks: The logo is printed on the front side and a point below

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