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Facial Roller Massage Y Shape Wrinkle Remover Face-lift

Facial Roller Massage Y Shape Wrinkle Remover Face-lift

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This is a high-quality massager
Can improve your skin
1. Please gently massage your skin
2. Do not force rolling massage, or rolling massage repeatedly in the same place, it will make the skin feel painful when using
3. At the beginning of use, please follow the frequency of use of three minutes each time and three times a day, and then adjust (increase or decrease) the massage time according to the skin condition
4. Massage the area evenly, and it can also be used immediately after makeup, but please wash it carefully with water or warm water after use, and keep it in a safe place
Precautions before use:
1. Remove accessories such as necklaces and earrings.
2. Pile up the hair or fix it with a hair band to avoid tangling of the hair, it will be smoother when rolled up. Use hair clips for short hair.
3. Pay attention to the hair around the ears and avoid entanglement.
4. For dry or sensitive skin, please apply some lotion before use.

Product information:
Size: 16mm
Name: Facial skin care massage tool
Shape: Y-shaped facial massage roller
Y-shaped roller: 3D face-lifting roller massager

Packing list:
Massager x1

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